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ACIC has successfully performed in service evaluation of high temperature Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymeric Composite (CFRP) materials in an engine environment. ACIC has data and modelling capabilities that provide an understanding of the nacelle turbine compartment temperature under varying flight and engine performance conditions on a CF6-80C2A/A300-600 aircraft.

Role in the project

The contribution of ACIC focuses on the integration of materials suitable for ducting with a view to identify manufacturing, performance, and robustness of design to temperature and the engine environment. ACIC will also examine schemes for reducing development time and weight.
ACIC also provides in-house capabilities in formulating resins impregnating carbon fibbers and analysing systems from mechanical and thermal/environmental perspective, as well as unique expertise in teaming and coordination between OEM’s, Airlines, Material Suppliers and Academia.

Personnel involved

Professor Prof. Dr. James Dimitrios Constantine Seferis
James SEFERIS is Corresponding Member of the Academy of Athens, Greece, elected in 1989, and founder of the Business Education Design and Research Global Group Network (BEDR) established in 1999. He works as principal investigator at ACIC and has more than 40 years of experience in the fields of high performance polymeric composite processes, scaling phenomena, and nanotechnology. His current research is focused on the durability of polymeric composites in commercial aircraft through in-flight service evaluations; innovative polymeric and polynanomeric composites and their manufacturing; integrated learning and venture teams between suppliers, manufacturers, customers and academia; integration of management and technical education through experiential (mixed reality) authentic learning.
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Alexandros KITSELIS
Alexandros KITSELIS is a graduate engineer from the National Technical University of Athens (five-year programme), currently completing his Ph.D. on design and crash testing and evaluation of tubular structures.
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Pavlos GEORGIADIS is a graduate engineer from the National Technical University of Athens (five-year programme), focussing on general computational algorithms and mechanical and thermal testing.

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Constantine SEFERIS
Constantine SEFERIS graduated from the American Business School in Paris. He emphasis on project and fiscal management, teaming, and coordination.
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