Safran Nacelles

Safran Nacelles is one of the two main integrators of aircraft engine nacelle systems in the world. With more than 17,000 equipment in service, the company proposes a range of nacelle systems to suit each type of aircraft: regional jets, business jets and commercial aircraft of more than 100 seats for medium- and long-range travel. Safran Nacelles designs, integrates and ensures customer support and services for aircraft engine nacelle systems. The know-how of the 3,800 the company's personnel and its unique technological lead means that Safran Nacelles can integrate all the nacelle systems components and thus optimize the aircraft propulsion systems. Safran Nacelles is at the interface between the aircraft manufacturer, engine manufacturer and the airline company. This knowledge of aerospace companies combined with its expertise allows Safran Nacelles to propose unique solutions: nacelle systems which are lighter - thanks to the use of a high proportion of composite materials or metal alloys - quieter, smarter, more electric and easier to maintain. Safran Nacelles is an Equal Opportunites Employer.
Safran Nacelles developed its strategic knowledge on key technologies and looks for aid to continue and progress the state-of-the-art in these technologies.
The company is a worldwide nacelle integrator and, as such, brings nacelle knowledge in specification, design, development, manufacturing and in-service support to NIPSE.  Safran Nacelles is responsible for nacelle systems within the perimeter of existing projects, and also has experience in owning the EBU element during development of programmes.  NIPSE will benefit from Safran Nacelles' knowledge of the PowerPlant equipment seen from a nacelle viewpoint, and the opportunities and knowledge of nacelles that could be used to improve the thermal and optimisation questions. Overall integration of the solutions through the nacelle will be done by Safran Nacelles.

Role in the project

Safran Nacelles coordinates the project and thus is responsible for the project management, administration, monitoring, as well as the consortium management (WP5). Safran Nacelles is involved in WP1 for the definition of the specification and assessing the benefits as well as developing integration solutions for the IPPS environment with a dedicated IPPS development plan showing the rules/guidelines to develop future optimized IPPS. In this work package, specific functional analysis (SysML) usually used in other domains (systems) will be applied to review the IPPS functionality as a whole.  Safran Nacelles will also support WP2, 3, 4 by providing key IPPS information and ensuring alignment of appropriate key technologies developed by the partners to the IPPS platform. As coordinator, Safran Nacelles leads WP5 and supports WP6.

Personnel involved

Iain MINTON, UK Technical Director, Project Coordinator
Iain Minton has a 20-year experience in nacelle development and integration, including roles in systems definition and Nacelle Integration.  At Safran Nacelles, he is responsible for the UK Techncial department and previously reponsible for definition and management of R&T programmes addressing nacelle architecture and systems. He is also the focal point in Safran for the Nacelle research roadmap.
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Vincent PEYRON, System Architect
Vincent PEYRON has 11 years of experience in the development of nacelle components and their integration, including roles in project at any phase from R&T to in service life. As specialist in nacelle architecture and structure, he is part of several R&T projects and also participates to responses to call for tenders.
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Ian TAYLOR, R&T Programme Manager Europe & UK
Ian Taylor has a 30-year experience in aerospace development and integration, including roles in research and Programme Management.  At ACL, he is responsible for the Programme management of R&T programmes addressing European & UK Financers.
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