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BAE Systems is one of the largest aerospace, defence and security companies in the world with a global presence and employing 87,000 people worldwide and with sales of €22B in 2012.
The Company has a comprehensive portfolio of products covering both the civil and military domains. The broad scope of its aircraft systems business covers everything from single modular items to the complete integration of cockpit and total aircraft equipment packages and mission systems, including: Digital Flight Control Systems, FADECs, Head Up and Head Down Displays, Helmet Mounted Displays, Navigation Systems, Countermeasures and Communications/Datalink technologies.

BAE Systems facility based in Rochester will be participating in the NIPSE project. This site has been at the forefront of the design, development and manufacture of high integrity avionic systems for more than 40 years. This is demonstrated  by the range of equipment supplied for the world’s aircraft platforms that include Boeing 777, Boeing 737 Next Generation, Gulfstream 1V/V, Embraer Legacy 450/550 business jet, Bombardier C Series  and the Airbus single aisle aircraft family. Recently we were awarded the contract to supply the integrated Electronic Flight Control System for the new Boeing 777X aircraft.  

BAE Systems has been part of wide number of European research programmes including HILAS, ALICIA, ACROSS, NEFS, AFLoNEXT.  The experience gained in its current involvement in FP7 EU research projects such as PRIMAE and ACTUATION 2015, especially in the field of the packaging for the next generation of electronics and of electric actuator will be relevant to this study.

Role in the project

BAE Systems is responsible for WP4.1 and will perform trade studies to develop more integrated and innovative engine and nacelle control system architectures with the objective of reducing electronic equipment volume, interconnectivity and cost. 

Personnel involved

John Clarkstone
Chief Systems Engineer. Over 35 years’ experience in high integrity flight controls design.  Worked on many programmes starting with Tornado Digital Autopilot, YF22 Digital Flight Control System, Boeing 777 Primary Flight Control Computer, Bombardier C Series secondary flight controls and F-22 (JSF) Active stick and throttle. More recently worked on the FP7 “Novel Electric Flap Systems” (NEFS). His expertise includes design for safety including compliance with ARP4754A, DO178B and DO254.
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Robin Davies
Robin works as Chief Systems Engineer at BAE Systems and has a B.Sc. (Hons) degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. He joined BAE Systems (then Marconi Avionics) in 1982, working for the ‘Flight Automation Research Laboratory’. He worked as part of the data transmission team and specialised in fibre optic data communication systems. This included the development of an optically signalled flight control system (FCS) for an airship.
In 1992, Robin moved to the company's Flight System Division, where he worked on the Boeing 777 Primary Flight Computer programme and gained experience of high integrity system design and redundancy management. Subsequently, he moved to the company’s Technology Group and worked on a number of EU part funded programs while also providing technical leadership for a number of flight control system bids and proposals. Currently, Robin is involved in the acquisition of electric actuation system technology via his role as work package leader in the Actuation 2015 programme. He is also a member of the EUROCAE Technical Advisory Committee.
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