Compañía Española de Sistemas Aeronáuticos (CESA) is a European leader in fluid mechanics and electro-mechanics, growing on the base of a 20-year experience inherited from Construcciones Aeronáuticas, S.A. (C.A.S.A.) in this activity and more than 25 years of own experience.
 CESA is currently an established supplier to European aircraft industries such as AIRBUS, AIRBUS Military, BA Systems, Cassidian, Alenia, etc. as well as other worldwide manufacturers such as Sikorsky (USA) or IAI (Israel) for product lines including Landing Gear components, Flight Controls, Hydraulic systems, Pneumatic/Fuel/Engine accessories or EMAs. Particular attention is put on new technologies and new kind of performances required to the aircraft; design and analysis tools as well as human skills are continuously updated with the involvement into research programs conducted with or without participation of other partners.

Role in the project

Based on its experience on electromechanical actuation systems on board, CESA is responsible for Task 4.2: Development of HOR for a better, safer and quicker accessibility to different areas of equipment thanks to HOR with electrical actuation included for opening/closing/blocking cowl doors at intermediate positions.
CESA is Leader in fluid mechanics with great experience in Pneumatic/Fuel/Engine accessories and is also responsible of Task 4.4: Innovative pneumatic duct and equipment within the WP4.

Personnel involved

Dr. Eva Novillo
Eva Novillo is currently heading the R&D group within the Department of Development Engineering at CESA. The group interests cover all aspect of aeronautical applications for advanced materials, special processes and new technologies from fundamental research to final integration into the aircraft. Following her Master's Degree in Solid State Physics from the Complutense University of Madrid, Dr. Novillo received her PhD from the University of Navarre in 2004. She is the author of numerous scientific papers covering different fields on materials engineering, actuation systems and alternative power units for aeronautical applications.
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Eng. Daniel Morena
NIPSE Project Manager at CESA, works as Development Porgram Manager since 2003. Development Engineering Manager at CESA. Aeronautical Engineering degree and MBDA by the Polytechnic University of Madrid. Previously worked for Goodrich Actuation Systems (4 years) and Airbus (6 years).
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Eng. Jorge Vilariño
Mechanical Engineer, Project Leader, CESA Development Engineering Department
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