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Safran Electrical & Power is part of the SAFRAN group. With its 2 Electrical Wiring Interconnection System (EWIS) divisions (Eurasia and Americas), Safran Electrical & Power is the world-leader in the EWIS domain and has and unequalled expertise in design, manufacturing and integration of harnesses.
EWIS R&T department carry out studies on innovative EWIS solutions (architecture, dimensioning, installation, integration) and on new components development and qualification.
EWIS R&T also work on PLC, POD, wireless and Health Monitoring systems, multiphysical modelisation and dimensioning (electrical, electrothermal, CEM) with the aim to optimize electrical interconnections  conception in order to decrease weight, volume and costs.

Role in the project

In addition to its role of WP4 leader, Safran Electrical & Power is responsible for the Innovative Electrical Harnesses interconnections sub work package. Its main role is to study, assess and develop innovative electrical interconnections solutions compatible with the severe IPPS environment with the aim to optimize weight and volume, maintainability and reliability. Safran Electrical & Power contributes to the NIPSE project through its strong expertise in EWIS and also specifically in harsh environment harnesses. A corresponding specific roadmap has been developed on “high value harnesses”, which means power harnesses, dynamic harnesses and harsh environment harnesses. The NIPSE project is hence totally in line with this “harsh environment” strategy and helps to support the R&T efforts efforts of Safran Electrical & Power to reinforce the skills of harness specification and design in the V cycle.

Personnel involved

After contributing in NEXANS to design optical fiber and microwave frequency cables, Michel DUNAND joined in 1991 the R&D department of Safran Electrical & Power to develop harness protection systems (electromagnetic, lightning, thermal, mechanical. As a SAFRAN expert, he is currently responsible of the interconnection technologies upstream research and directly involved in the set-up and the achievement of several national and European research programmes, involving cables and harnesses technology. He has led several projects related to electrical interconnections in nacelle (PREFACE: Lightning protection dimensioning of nacelle harnesses, design and qualification of nacelle harnesses (COS & TRAS), development of dedicated technologies, development and qualification of specific shielding technologies against lightning for weight optimisation).

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Laurent looks back at 20 years of experience in harnesses installation studies, qualification, dimensioning and conception in particular for harsh environment (PREFACE, eGTS, A340 nacelle switchbox).

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As Program Manager and EWIS technology domain responsible, Laurent will insure the technico-economical follow-up and the global technical consistency of Safran Electrical & Power's activities.
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