Meggitt PLC is a UK headquartered aerospace and defence engineering and manufacturing company employing 10,700 worldwide, of which 4,386 are located within  21 locations in Europe.  Meggitt has engineering and manufacturing operations in the UK, France, Switzerland, Spain, Denmark, Germany, the United States, Canada, and India, with additional manufacturing operations in Mexico, China and Vietnam.  MRO operations cover all these locations, and in addition Australia, Singapore, and Brazil.
Meggitt focuses on high technology products for aerospace and defence, supplying equipment for aircraft types including large transport, business jet, regional aircraft, fast jet, rotary wing and tiltrotor.  In the powerplant domain, Meggitt’s products include heat exchangers, pneumatic valves, pneumatic ducting, sensors and sensing systems, health management systems, fire protection (detection and suppression),and composite engine inlets with embedded ice protection.
Meggitt Control Systems (MCS) is one of 5 Strategic Business Units within Meggitt PLC, focussing on high technology components with core competencies in pneumatic, fluid control, thermal management and electro-mechanical equipment and sub-systems.  MCS’s markets include civil, military, regional, business and general aviation, military ground vehicles, marine and industrial energy and ground fuelling.  MCS operates from eight facilities in the USA and UK, with repair stations in the UK, USA and Singapore.  MCS supplies thermal management products to the world’s major aero engine manufacturers, with a complete capability in design, manufacture, characterisation, qualification, certification and maintenance of heat exchangers as part of its core competence
Relevant to NIPSE, MCS Birmingham (UK), which specialises in airborne heat exchangers, primarily for the aero engine market, will draw upon our experience of thermal management of aero engines to develop novel solutions to IPPS thermal management problems. MCS Birmingham supplies heat exchangers to all of the major engine manufacturers for both legacy, current, and new engines, and is extremely well placed to understand the challenges and requirements of thermal management of the IPPS.  MCS Birmingham has the ability to draw upon the experience and capabilities within both other parts of Meggitt Control Systems and  the larger Meggitt portfolio (including composite components, compact diffusion bonded heat exchangers, sensing systems and braking systems), that will enable us to consider unique solutions to the thermal management challenges.

Role in the project

Meggitt has two primary inputs to NIPSE: Meggitt leads WP2, working very closely with NLR to develop the thermal management solution. Meggitt will investigate innovative heat exchanger technologies to provide solutions to the challenge identified within WP1. The activities include design and manufacture of test samples to allow characterisation of the proposed technologies, in particular from structural and thermal performance stendpoints, followed by the manufacture of a demonstration heat exchanger in the final design configuration. The demonstration heat exchanger will be integrated and tested with the novel cooling system investigated by NLR, to quantify the achievements of WP2. The novel heat exchanger designs investigated may address air, oil, fuels or alternate cooling media.

Personnel involved

Steven Henderson - Advanced Technology Manager
Steven has over 3 years experience working with Meggitt on the design and development of shell & tube and plate & fin heat exchangers.
Stevens role is the Advanced Technology Manager for Meggitt Thermal Management. 
He provides technical guidance across the Meggitt aerospace heat exchanger product range and has responsibility for New Technology Development and Strategy within the business.

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Cameron Ross - Engineering Director – Thermal Management,
Recently joining Meggitt to lead the Engineering, Test and New Technology teams, Cameron comes from 10 years at Rolls-Royce where he was senior Engineering Programme Manager responsible for Structures & Transmissions, he was also on the Tiger Team developing the next generation price competitive, middle-of-market gas turbine for the single aisle market. Prior to this Cameron was at Cosworth where he developed product & processes  across Formula 1, World Rally, NASCAR, World Super Bikes and Aston Martin road cars. Cameron is also an avid supporter of Formula Student (undergraduate race car design competition), of which he was a founding member and ran the track events for 10 years.
Cameron Ross
Colin Troy - Sales Director
Colin has in excess of 20 years’ experience in a variety of industries with 7 years’ experience within Meggitt combining Programme Management and Sales functions. In his current function as Sales Director, he is responsible for ensuring MCS Birmingham product alignment with market and customer need.
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