Safran Aircraft Engines

Safran Aircraft Engines is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of aircraft and rocket engines. The company designs, develops, produces and markets, alone or in partnership, engines for commercial and military aircraft, launch vehicles and satellites. Safran Aircraft Engines also offers a complete range of engine maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services to airlines, armed forces and other operators. The company’s excellence is recognized worldwide. Safran Aircraft Engines has dubbed this expertise “Enginology®", to emphasize this, each and every motor made by Safran Aircraft Engines, whether alone or in partnership, expresses the sum total of our know-how and experience.
Safran Aircraft Engines is part of the international high-technology group SAFRAN. Over the years, Safran Aircraft Engines has developed some of the world’s most innovative technologies in its business. Safran Aircraft Engines is also rising to today’s pressing environmental challenges, by continuously reducing engine noise and emissions.
Safran Aircraft Engines capitalizes on the synergies generated by its parent SAFRAN group, a major high-tech corporation with leadership positions in its core markets of aerospace, defence and security. Operating worldwide, SAFRAN has nearly 60,000 employees and generated sales of 11,7 billion euros in 2012.
The Villaroche plant will be responsible to implement NIPSE project through the Engineering and Technical division. This division is in charge of developing future engines as well as key technologies. Most research projects within Safran Aircraft Engines are supported by the Engineering and Technical division.
This division participates to numerous FP7 projects – such as the NIPSE related projects ENOVAL, LEMCOTEC and E-BREAK. Safran Aircraft Engines is also a lead participant in the Clean Sky consortium and especially the engines platforms of Clean Sky 1 (SAGE) and Clean Sky 2 (ENGINES). Safran Aircraft Engines has also a strong expertise in management as it was introduced at the end of FP6 to provide better conditions for research projects.

Role in the project

Safran Aircraft Engines leads WP1. It is thus in charge of editing coherent requirements so that all partners can work on a relevant architecture. Moreover, WP1, at the end of the project, will be in charge of evaluating the impact of the other WP with regards to initial requirements.
Safran Aircraft Engines is a world-class engine manufacturer. As a member of the EIMG, Safran Aircraft Engines is used to participate to European cooperation projects. In particular, Safran Aircraft Engines has a strong experience in WP1 that covers Requirements and Assessment. Those WP1 were introduced in DREAM project and were renewed in all major EC-funded projects such as LEMCOTEC, ENOVAL and E-BREAK.  

Personnel involved

Bruno is an installation expert with over 12 years of experience in the domain, after 12 years of experience in the engine architecture. He is a reviewer for the Safran Aircraft Engines or CFM projets (eg. LEAP programme), and he has wide experience with the aircraft manufacturers' studies (BCA, Airbus, …). Moreover, he made a lot of European projets as POA, MOET, Clean Sky.

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As Program Manager, Florence will insure the technico-economical follow-up of the project. After project management experience in the space industry, she is currently SP3 leader of the LEMCOTEC project and follows all EC-funded projects at Safran Aircraft Engines, except Clean Sky.
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