THERMOCOAX is an SME with 280 employees, existing since 60 years with 40% of its business in nuclear, 20% in aerospace, and the rest in industrial gas turbines and semiconductors.
The sensors and solutions developed and supplied by THERMOCOAX are fully based on Mineral Insulated Cable technology. The headquarter, R&D and engineering are based in Normandy, France. THX serves the worldwide market with 3 main factories in France, Germany and USA. THX has a large skill of experience in thermal applications (static, dynamic), welding processes (brazing, laser, etc.) and high temperature ceramic/metal joining.
THX is a well-known supplier for:
Anti-icing system on: Pitot tube static and dynamic, Angle of Attack, Total Air Temperature sensor, waste water drain mast, water pipe, water tank…
Over heat Detector: bleed air leakage detection in wing, pylon, APU
Heating device: High Altitude camera on drones MALE
Temperature measurement: Carbon Brake, Helicopter engine, Electrical generator
1400°C capacitance sensor: Blade tip clearance, Blade Tip Timing, Engine exhaust debris monitoring
THX is Tiers 1 suppliers for some programs with Airbus, Dassault, Embraer, SAAB and also Tiers 2 and 3 supplier through large international aerospace company
THX has experience with military and commercial platforms, THX is working close with Research Lab and R&T division of our customers.
To summarize the development of THX in the future, the key words are: Innovation, Aerospace and International

Role in the project

THX is responsible for developing a fire detector system (task 4.5) based on mineral insulated cable. This technology will offer flexible sensor for easy and efficient implantation on engine/nacelle. THX will work to improve the design and reduce weight. THX will participate with others contributors for the implementation of the fire detector, or on the nacelle or on the engine. The target is to get easy maintenance solution and most effective fire detection.

Personnel involved

Stephane FOURREZ, Engineer
Stephane has been working 20 years in the THERMOCOAX R&D department. Stephane is high level specialist in thermal application (temperature sensor & heating system).
He works and manages R&D programs for aerospace and Nuclear markets. For example he leads development for temperature sensors on helicopter engines, anti-icing system for aircraft avionics sensors and specific Mineral Insulated cable design for space and nuclear.
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Denis LECHARPENTIER has been working for 15 years in the THERMOCOAX R&D department. Denis is high level specialist in thermal and mechanical application. He works and manages R&D programs linked to composite in the aerospace and specific sensors for nuclear markets. Denis is the leader for all CFD programmes and he is the expert for high temperature ceramic/metal joining.
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Laurent PICHON, PhD
Laurent PICHON looks back at 17 years of experience at THERMOCOAX. Over the last 10 years, he has worked as R&D department director. Laurent has a large pedigree in thermal solution and international project management. He started his carrier in THERMOCOAX by working exclusively on nuclear  application. He brought his experience in our aerospace program development in accordance with the THERMOCOAX strategy to enlarge the Aerospace business.
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Viviane DEROUET has been working for 9 years in the Thermocoax R&D department as a measurement and physical processes specialist. She is a multi-tasking in charge of laboratory tests like experiments (mechanical, thermal, chemical), metallography, mounting & characterization of prototypes, test reports or analysis coordinating. In this regard she is responsible of feasibility, characterization and support on engineering for new materials & processes enabling tests on sensible compounds for aerospace projects. Viviane has the task to investigate relevant solutions to solve engineering issues and to develop new kind of sensors. In this context she also carries out bibliographic researches and is involved in finding external labs or industry for undertaking partnerships. She is also the privileged interlocutor for investigation assessments to trace back to failure mechanisms in view of process improvement.

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