The NIPSE project has challenged itself to develop new IPPS (Integrated PowerPlant System) equipment and also to provide optimised solutions allowing for the integration of this equipment in the aircraft engine nacelle in a more time and cost efficient way.

The technological solutions developed within NIPSE focus on smaller equipment, novel electrical and pneumatic interconnections, more efficient heat exchangers and multivariable optimisation methodologies.

They will allow the project to achieve three main objectives:

  1. 15% reduction of the volume required for the IPPS equipment and for temperature deduction functions, and the associated weight of the system and connections.
  2. 10% reduction of the development time of future engine systems, such as UHBR engines, through an optimized equipment integration
  3. Reduction of the access time for maintenance activities on the systems equipment within the engine nacelle

For the correlation between the NIPSE solutions and the measureable objectives of the project, please refer to the illustration below:

SOTERIA Objectives

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