NIPSE is organised in a total of 6 Work Packages (WP), which are all closely linked to each other:


Work Plan NIPSE Project h2020


will define the technical requirements of all the work to be developed in WP2 to WP4. These requirements will be used as a guidance, to ensure the solutions developed are compatible with a generic IPPS environment and the challenges linked to the UHBR engine. The evaluation of the results from WP2 to WP4 will be performed to produce the overall benefit from the technologies developed at IPPS level.

will develop different solutions of performing the cooling of engine fluids within the IPPS. This will review novel technologies in order to develop technologies with minimal negative impact on the IPPS, whilst maximising the cooling benefit provided.

will develop new optimisation methodologies aimed at optimising in 3D space the multiple variables needed to be managed for definition of the IPPS installation. This work package will generate key methodologies which will then be used to assess the technology benefits driven through WP2 and WP4.

will develop new equipment solutions and connectivity for electrical and pneumatic systems so as to be able to produce a lower weight, lower volume and more robust solution for the systems addressed within the IPPS.

will provide the project management infrastructure to ensure the efficient coordination of the project and to fulfil all contractual obligations.

will prepare the next steps once the project has ended and support the dissemination of the project results through publications and participation in workshops. A technology exploitation plan will also be prepared.

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