The overall result at the end of the NIPSE project will be a full understanding of the benefits and impacts achieved by optimized positioning of key equipment in the nacelle equipment zone with respect to reduced development time.

NIPSE will specifically deliver the following results:

  • Reduced development time
    The project will provide for a 10% reduction of the development time of the installation of PowerPlant Systems.
  • Fuel saving
    NIPSE will enable a global fuel saving on the aircraft by addressing factors which currently impact fuel burn from UHBR engines by 2 to 3%. This saving will contribute to a 1% reduction of CO2 emissions.
  • Space gain
    The project will achieve a 15% space gain of the equipment volume linked to UHBR engine.
  • Reduced weight
    By reducing the equipment, pipework, harnesses and other components, NIPSE will provide for a weight saving of the IPPS equipment installation.
  • Optimised maintenance
    There will be no impact to key maintenance activities. However, the overall accessibility and access time to the nacelle-engine equipment will be improved through the technological solutions developed within the project.

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